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Thursday, 19-Jul-2007 16:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pay back time

When is the best time to pay back????? If you ask me..........bulan rejab is a good month to start fasting and reconcile punya reconcile huh banyak juga puasa yang aku belum bayar lagi. Jadi aku dah mula berpuasa minggu lepas lagi .....just to prepare myself for this Rejab. Insyaallah aku akan cuba teruskan hingga Syaaban of course with a week break in between and the weekends.

Alhamdullillah and god willing it will be my 8th day of fasting today. And I am already wondering what to cook for break fast this evening. Last week when I started fasting decided not to eat rice....thought it would be good to change my diet and cut down on my carbohydrates. Check out the health and decided to have lots of fruits, salads and tried out their recipe on sphagetti.....hmm not bad it was very filling but unfortunately lasted me three days je. Fourth day GASTRIC menyerang lah pulak. Thought I had food poisoining but confirm later it was gastric. So since that day I have to eat small portion of rice untuk buka puasa. Sahur makan roti dua keping susu IGG satu glass..hmm baru okey alhamdullillah.

May be this evening I'll try Friend Ginger, Spring Onion and Fish Fillet with Flat Rice Noodles (Kuehtiow) just got the recipe from Star yesterday. Asyik2 makan nasi pun muak juga......hmm kalau lapar lagi pi nasi kandar le for super...he he he.

Selamat menyambut bulan Rejab dan sama samalah kita memperbanyakkan lagi amal ibadat ddalam bulan yang mulia ini.

Monday, 9-Jul-2007 16:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Monday blues

What a boring day..........time in the office just past 4.00pm and believe it or not theres only three people in the office including me. Apparently after the much wosen haze last week ramai yang demam. Just this afternoon I had to sent one home as she was sneezing all the way this morning. Before it spreads to the rest of us.......actually come to think of it I may be the cause of it started having flu last it from Fahmi I guess.

Actually wanted to post some photos here....then I realized that I left my camera at home. Anyway
maybe I'll do it tomorrow. My god nothing seems to go right today. Started off with heavy traffic this morning sampai office 9.40 am..........staff pulak ramai on pending..........mum upset and cried she wants new curtains for Sobr's wedding..........just the thing to complete my day! Hopefully it is not going to continue for the rest of the days to come. God let it be smooth sailing this week!

Friday, 6-Jul-2007 04:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Playing hosts.

Last weekend Leha & family spent a night at my house. Hanafi masuk UITM, Merbok Sg Petani. The whole gang was there with exception of Hafizah. Frankly speaking, I was a bit nervous playing hosts for Leha's family especially her mum-in-law. I had my house cleaned a week before they came. Actually the weekend where Kiyah and family decided to drop by. Jadi did not do a good job in playing hosts for Kiyah instead took them out for lunch and shopping. Sorry ye!

Back to Leha....surprsingly her mum-in-law was great. No big fuss...aku je yang uncomfortable..Leha, Mail, Amira and Fahmi expected to arrive only on Saturday as they only arrive back from Beijing Friday evening. So to avoid unneccessary delay for Hanafi on the registration day Aizuddin, Hanafi and their grandma came Friday morning....Imagine playing hosts for them without having my sister around.....panic juga. I guess having guests in the house sleeping over is not very common for me... So far after six years in Sg Petani, Leha was my 2nd sleep over guests. 1st was Taufik and family about three years ago itupun masa hantar Romanov. Anyway I hope they were comfortable although Mail and Aizuddn had to sleep in the living room as the ladies occupied the guest room. Fahmi yang best he sleeps with us (Man and me) in our room. Cute sangat siap story story cuddle cuddle lagi.

I guess I can expect more of their visits now that Hanafi is studying here in SP. At least I can tell my children to maintain the cleaniness of the house. So far after one week ...maintain clean..anyone for a night in SP????you're most welcome!

Wednesday, 4-Jul-2007 08:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Welcome back!

God! Didn't realise it has been a month since my last blog. So many things that has happened in June so much so you did not realize it just dissappear in thin air????? Highlights for the month Mum got admitted in KPJ, Kajang hospital on 2nd of June and Syamil's admission in MMU on the 9th of June. Alhamdullillah everything went well.

Syamil on the other hand, was having his first anxiety attack during the registration day. He was having cold sweat all of the sudden and begin to vomits. Took him three days to get himself adjusted with the surroundings. And now after almost a month he begins to enjoy his life in the campus. He says its so much different now and life in the campus is far away from what he has expected. Well good for him. Praying and hoping he will succeed till the end and makes a better life for himself in the future.

Takziah to Kamal and family kerana kembalinya ayahanda tercinta ke rahmatullah pada malam Ahad 1hb Julai baru baru ini. ALfatihah.

Friday, 1-Jun-2007 07:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
check out the resolutions

.............29 days to go and half the year is gone. Wondering what's my accomplishment so far this year??? Hmmmm.......... for a start I managed to come out with this FP..... .my god what else???? I have gained few more miserable pounds.....not exactly an accomplishment right? Must have more adventure in my life.....dah tua tua nie pulak la nak adventure.....

Lets see from my list of 2007 resolutions....I managed to achieve four things and six more yet to be accomplished. Can I achieve any of those within 29 days????? Tough! well at least I am determined to accomplish another four from my list before the year ends......the other two.....kalau ikut fomula susah sikit lah will power tak kuat sangat .....susah nak turunkan 20kg nie ...and then the exercise which am not consistent. Parah...nie!!!

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